About Us


There has always been something connecting me to the beauty of the outdoors and what mother nature has to offer. Since I was a young girl, I enjoyed spending time somewhere in nature where I could collect rocks and crystals and just be free to think and create. This passion of mine has stayed with me, and now,I enjoy having my husband and children along on adventures to go crystal and rock hunting. Many of our weekends are spent crystal hunting, even on cold and rainy days.


Welcome to SkyRavin! My name is Rikki and I am the creator of SkyRavin. I live in New Jersey with my husband, two children, four dogs, two cats, a talking bird, and any other animal that walks up to my porch. My friend and partner in crime, Cassie and nature wanderer herself, sets the pieces in resin to prepare it to be made into jewelry by me. My jewelry is known for its rare one of a kind pieces that uses mixed metals, semi-precious stones that evoke natural beauty, handpicked crystals, and pieces found in nature. Additionally, my unique hand-painted bags are inspired by nature and my surroundings. I strive to make every piece of jewelry with a touch of love (and maybe a few dog/cat hairs) and I want customers to walk away feeling connected to their piece(s).


Thank you for choosing to shop handmade and small businesses. Please follow along on my daily journey @SkyRavin.